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We build the digital bridge between relevant HCPs and your pharma company.

Connecting two worlds with our e-consent management platform for pharma & life sciences.

data consent management platform solution optinsight

Connecting two worlds with our e-consent management platform for pharma & life sciences.

Want to know how we can help you communicate
with HCPs in a GDPR-proof way?

optinsight consent management solution

So what is it that we do exactly? We’re here to simplify. Read on

Our solution supports:

optinsight consent management solution


optinsight consent management solution


optinsight consent management solution


OptInsight is the
e-consent management
platform for pharma & life sciences

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optinsight e-consent management platform pharma

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Do you want to effectively communicate with your target HCPs, through the right channels, in the most relevant way possible? Collecting, recording and managing opt-ins is the start of building a relationship with the HCP.

OptInsight helps you communicate with HCPs in a relevant, legal, and effective way. Create value through insights, start working with a single-point-of-truth system and get in control of your acquired data. We offer an all round solution when it comes to collecting GDPR compliant opt-ins, data insights and optimizing your customer journey.

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We didn’t want to rely on just a ticked box in a CRM system. OptInsight brings clarity in scattered data so it’s centralized, all while providing proof of the actual given e-consent.

optinsight data management platform

Our Saas consent management solution:

  • Personal data control at the level of individual HCPs
  • Detailed, real time capturing of opt-ins/opt-outs according to mandatory GDPR Data Processing Record and local regulations
  • Single point of truth for HCP data leading to higher data quality and less internal discussions about validity of the collected e-consent
  • Data quality algorithm by Match & Merge to reduce duplication & improve golden records
  • Seamless connections with your marketing channels (e.g web, e-detail, portal) and automated synchronized with all channels onnected, resulting in no more manual labor plus less mistakes
  • Automated synchronization with widely used applications in pharma, such as Veeva & OCE
  • Consent & preference center for HCPs
  • Data insights based on internal and external resources
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