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Do you want to be in control of your customer data? And use it in a GDPR consent proof and targeted way for your sales and marketing communication towards Health Care professionals?

That starts with optimizing the number & quality of opt-ins for the various channels to start engagement. OptInsight offers the solution when it comes to collecting GDPR compliant opt-ins, data insights and optimally responding to the customer journey.

Start today with client focused omni-channel communication

Do you want to communicate with your target group reliably, via the right channels and in a relevant way? Then it is important that you collect, record, and follow up on opt-ins with personalized content and through the preferred channels.

OptInsight helps you communicate with Health Care Professionals in a reliable, legal, and effective way. The results and the insights you create are automatically recorded and help you to get your message across where it delivers the best results and is of most value to the recipient.

Want to know how our platform can help you communicate with HCPs in a GDPR-proof way? We are happy to show you.

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Our SaaS solution brings you the following:

  • Personal data control at the level of individual HCPs
  • Extensive audit trails of collected HCP data
  • Single point of HCP data truth leading to higher data quality
  • Seamless connections with your marketing channels, such as website, phone, email, e-detailing, and HCP portal
  • Automated synchronization with widely used applications in pharma, such as Veeva, OCE, Salesforce marketing cloud and One Key database
  • Multiple possibilities to communicate information through preferred channels
  • Data insight based on internal and external resources
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Optimal HCP Experience

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They were looking for targeted interaction with healthcare professionals by deploying relevant content. And wanted to do that GDPR compliant, smart and with results. Besides that, they were looking for insight into the effectiveness of the data in various systems. We help them with careful interaction with HCPs. OptInsight records their opt-ins, provides insights, and allow them to communicate optimally with their target group.


  • Single point of truth personal data
  • Cleansed data from different systems
  • Opt-in & preference ratio > 70%
  • Qualified records of personal data with consent and preferences
  • Optimal data visibility

Overview of personal data with high consent ratios

We created a single point of view at HCP level for relevant and reliable communication with GDPR consent. The customer uses multiple customer data systems and channels. The desire was a single point of truth for personal data, insight, and privacy. OptInsight is the solution!


  • Improved data quality
  • Opt-ins and preference ratio > 60%
  • Double-digit growth in unique customer records with consent
  • Optimal insight into personal preferences
  • Targeted and relevant communication with HCPs

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