We strenghten consent based go to market strategies

Collecting Opt-ins

Communication channels to ask opt-in to collect personal data. e.g. so you are allowed to send promotional e-mails.

GDPR Proof registration

Take away pain out GDPR required documentation & management of e-consent across your organisation.

Personal data enrichment

Ongoing updating and enriching personal data with personal preferences by communication channels used by customers.

Individual communication

Making you capable to communicate with your target group in line with their individual needs to create trust.

The segments we serve

Pharma & Life Sciences

Collect GDPR proof Opt-ins and start your multi-channel communication with HCPs to increase your reach.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Increase sales conversion by excellent multi-channel interaction in line with customer preferences.

Financial Services Data Sharing

Control and protect personal data shared with third parties to comply with regulations and for a great reputation.

Our offer to get the most out of data

Personal data & GDPR e-consent management platform

Managing personal data & consent for multiple channels

Our technology enables organisations to process personal data relevantly and compliant. The benefits of our personal data & consent management platform are

  • Accelerating your digital go to market
  • Reducing the risk of bad data reputation and GDPR fines
  • Cost effective communication
  • Improving relevance to your target group
  • Taking away complexity collecting and registration of e-consent
  • Easy to use and short implementation time
The OptInsight software platform

Services to collect and to utilise personal data

Services in collaboration with our partners

Our platform only excels if sufficient personal data flows through it. We cooperate with several partners helping you to get the most out of the platform. Partners who provide personal data related services like

  • Consent as a service
  • Enriching customer data
  • Processing and updating personal data
  • Omni-channel digital interaction & control
  • Insights in customer data
  • Branded content services
Partnerships to excel with the platform

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