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“We strongly believe that organisations that process personal data both responsibly and relevantly are the winners of the future. Because these organisations build strong and honest relationships by putting people and their data at the heart of the organisation.

By asking individual people their needs and their consent (opt-in), you let them decide what to do with the data.

With these types of organisations people are more willing to share their data. These individuals will perceive trust by keeping control over their own personal data. And you know what they want and can give what they want”


                                                                 Team OptInsight, 2020

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Personal data & consent solution

Manage personal data centrally.

Our personal data & consent management software enables business & digital leaders to improve commercial effectiveness & business efficiency by bringing together personal data so you always know IF and HOW you can use it.

Our software for business leaders

Services to support the data & digital officer

Personal data strategy & transformation.

Personal data resides often everywhere across your organisation. Via multiple communication channels personal data flows in and out. This demands a strong actionable strategy to control and to benefit from these personal data.

Our program for data & digital officers

Education data & data privacy

Utilisation of personal data under GDPR.

OptInsight makes your business aware of the opportunities of personal data and embracing the GDPR.  Privacy by design helps building trusted relationships. Our approach is based on both privacy and business goals.

Our education for business leaders

Our 6 promises

  • Enterprise wide (GDPR) control over personal data and increase in personal data quality.
  • Proven legal consent (opt-in and opt-out).
  • Transparency in personal data so you 24/7 know for what purposes you can process the data based on the consent of the person.
  • No GDPR hurdles for collecting and processing personal data via multiple communication channels.
  • High willingness by people to share their data: High Opt-In ratios up to 95%. Normally around 20%.
  • Solution tailored on your organisation and customer needs.

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