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We build the digital bridge between relevant Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) and your pharma company.

Solutions for Pharma & Life Sciences with focus on increasing Reach to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs).


data consent management platform solution optinsight

OptInsight helps to collect, manage and integrate customer data.

Assure data protection, Enrich HCP data, Improve data quality and Minimize manual labor caused by Scattered data with our state of the art solutions and powerful services.

optinsight consent management solution

So what is it that we do exactly?

OptInsight supports healthcare communication by bringing pharma & healthcare professionals together. The basis for this is compliant, reliable and relevant healthcare professional data, which supports effective communication.

With our consent & preference management platform (originated in pharma), channel services and integration capabilities we help pharma & life science companies to accelerate engaging with the right message, to the right HCP, through the right channel at the right time based on the right legal basis.

We help you to collect, manage and integrate HCP data in an automated way that it is according to data protection regulations (e.g. GDPR), it saves manual labour, improves data quality and increases coverage and reach.



  • Opt-in & preference collection by phone.
  • Touch point management by phone.
  • Identity management.
  • Instant message.
  • Social media campaign development.
  • Patient interaction platform.
  • Consultancy.

Data protection

  • Consent assessment.
  • Consent & preference management solution.
  • Match & merge data quality algorithm.
  • Dashboarding.
  • EU Go To Market.

Data quality improvement

  • Data quality assessment.
  • Action plan.
  • Data cleaning.
  • MedUnite (data quality algorithm).

Application integration

  • API services.
  • HCP portal development.
  • Website development.
  • Customized dashboarding.

Our products support:

optinsight consent management solution

Consent & preference management solution

We are OptInsight.

optinsight consent management solution


Marketing/Digital, Legal/Compliance, IT/BI: We provide a consent management solution for you.

optinsight consent management solution


A tool to be integrated into your IT infrastructure, which merges HCP records from different sources.

OptInsight supports pharma & life sciences companies in developing initiatives for better HCP communication. Want to read more?

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optinsight e-consent management platform pharma privacy laws

We are at your side to increase your reach to doctors in a careful and relevant way.

Why choose for OptInsight as your partner to improve reach?

We stand by you to get things done. OptInsight is a flexible and agile company and we do our job thoroughly. We give you sincere advice if things can be done differently. Our decades long experience within pharma, and other regulated industries, good feeling for customers, technical and business knowledge make the difference.

This means for you dedication and the certainty that we will contribute to your goals.

Our combination of proven technology with our implemenation power and advisory skills makes us really get things done together with you. And we are happy to go the extra mile for you to ensure that your company excels in establishing relationships with doctors.

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We had challenges around collecting consent for a long time. We are a strong, growing pharmaceutical and need to have opt-ins. OptInsight guided us rapidly to be capable of collecting consent: not only with the software, but also with their experience what works or not. Very helpful!

optinsight data management platform

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