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September 2018

Article: Direct Marketing and its Relevance -The Opt-in Challenge

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Please download the OptInsight article, co-written by BakerMcKenzie about performing direct marketing under GDPR and ePrivacy legislation.

In this article you will read:
What has been changed for direct marketing activities since 25 May 2018
How companies can gain insight into personal preferences through relevance
A direct marketing roadmap for accountability and being relevant for your customers
The Opt-in Challenge in practice, a use case

Download article: Direct Marketing and its Relevance -The Opt-in Challenge

Do you want to create business value with GDPR?

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OptInsight controller

“Without strong data protection there is no business.
And without business there is no need for GDPR compliance”

Now that organisations becoming compliant with GDPR it is about time to create business value.

Yes, I want to use consent to improve customer connections

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Yes, I want to see how we can improve our salesconversion with consent

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Yes, I want to make better business decisions based on GDPR and commercial insights

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