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Healthcare professional insights

We can help you to collect & manage opt-ins and personal preferences from healthcare professionals in a GDPR-compliant manner.

The data insights we provide enable your company to create a seamless customer journey with the most relevant HCPs for your company.


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Our SaaS based platform features

  • Personal data register at the individual HCP level
  • Audit trail at the individual HCP level
  • API connection with your channels, such as website, phone, e-mail and HCP portal
  • Synchronisation with common systems used in pharma, for example Veeva, OCE, Salesforce marketing cloud and OneKey database
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Improved HCP experience

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Improving relevant interaction with healthcare professionals by interacting with relevant content and with GDPR consent. Transparency in effectiveness of data in several systems. Careful interaction with HCPs.


  • Single ‘point of truth’ personal data
  • Cleansed data from various systems
  • Opt-in & preference ratio > 50%
  • More qualified records consisting of consented personal data and preferences
  • Improvement of insights into data

Central overview of personal data with high consent ratios

Created a single point of view on HCP for relevant and trusted communication with GDPR consent. The client uses multiple customer data systems and channels, and wanted a single point of truth for personal data and privacy.


  • Improved data quality
  • Opt-in and preference ratio > 40%
  • Double-digit growth in unique customer records with consent
  • More insights into personal preferences
  • Capability to communicate relevantly with HCPs

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