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Because we care about personal data

We strongly believe that organisations that process personal data both responsibly and relevantly are the winners of the future. This is because these organisations build strong and honest relationships by putting people and their data at the heart of what they do.

Individual consent management

By asking individual people about their needs and asking for their consent (opt-in), you let them decide what to do with the data.

Control over personal data

People are more willing to share their data with these types of organisations. These individuals will perceive trust by keeping control over their own personal data. Further, you know what they want and can give them what they want.

Our company is rapidly growing internationally across the EU in 2021, and works together with several players in the field of pharma, data, digital, GDPR and customer experience.

What we do

Personal data & e-consent platform

We provide organisations with a state-of-the-art technology solution for relevant and compliant personal data utilisation. We cooperate with our partners—leaders in specific industries.

Our ambition

Powered by OptInsight

Our ambition is that people who share their personal data with organisations that use the OptInsight platform, have full confidence in sharing their preferences and needs

Why we do it

Enabling personal data utilisation

Personal data belongs to the people who share this data with organisations. We believe that the value this data represents should be shared equally, and treated relevantly and responsibly.

Our story

“Our belief is that building trust in a data driven business is about value, personal attention and respect for individual privacy.”

Founded in 2018

The founders of OptInsight came together in 2018. This was a combination of current relationships (Michel was always fixing Martijn’s Alfa Romeo) and good conversations during early morning football games of the sons of Tjeerd and Martijn.

The start of not only ideas but also a solution and business model was born. By bringing together state-of-the-art technology and the problem solving capabilities of Michel, and the never ending willingness of Tjeerd to achieve better cooperation between compliance and businesses. Together with Martijn’s ambition to also build trusted relationships in a digital world.

By the end of 2018, they had founded the company with the ambition of bringing people and organisations together in a data driven world.

People-centricity, fun, innovation and fast forward comprise the DNA of the company.

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