What we do?

Personal data & consent platform

We provide organisations with a state of the art technology solution for relevant and compliant personal data utilisation. We jointly cooperate with our partners, leaders in specific industries.

Our ambition

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Our ambition is that people that share their personal data with organisations that use the OptInsight platform, have full comfort sharing their preferences & needs.

Why we do it?

Enabling personal data utilisation

Personal data belongs to the people sharing this data with organisations. We believe that the value this data represents should be shared equally, treated relevantly and responsibly.

OptInsight management team

About us OptInsight

OptInsight is managed by a multidisciplinary team of highly experienced professionals with technology, compliance and commercial expertise. We believe in solutions that improve trusted connections between companies and customers. Our mission is to guide organisations in relevant customer interaction and provide relevant insights to improve business relationships. The solutions provide comfort, are omni-channel applicable and empowers organisations to offer customers what they really want.

Our belief is that successful embedding of data utilisation is about commercial value, personal relevance and respect for individual privacy.

Michel van Koningsbrugge OptInsight

Michel van Koningsbrugge

CTO & Owner

Michel van Koningsbrugge, who is the architect of the solution, leads also his own technology company (MK2 software) for more than 13 years. He has a strong track record in developing technology within several industries, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. He is an expert in helping companies generate valuable business insights in order to make better business decisions.

Martijn van der Corput OptInsight

Martijn van den Corput

CCO & Owner

Martijn van den Corput has a strong track record in management consulting and commercial leadership. Over the past 19 years he has worked for PwC, ConQuaestor Consulting, Capgemini Consulting and Innopay. During the first years of his career, he gained a lot of experience in organizational change and operational excellence. Later on, he specialised in digital transformation and commercial excellence.

Tjeerd van der Stroom OptInsight

Tjeerd van der Stroom

CDO & Owner

Tjeerd van der Stroom has over 15 years’ experience in the financial and data-compliance industry. He has worked for multinationals and SME’s. Tjeerd has supported several companies with their GDPR compliance. His expertise is performance improvement within boundaries of regulations. He holds a Executive Master in Finance & Control (RC) and has finished a Data Protection Officer (DPO) education.

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