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Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Being relevant is key in maintaining an opt-in

The real game starts when an HCP has provided his/her opt-in for e.g. promotional purposes. Although it is a clear affirmative action of trust, it is time to prove your company can be knowledgeable/valuable. Your position in the HCP journey moved from knowing that you are there (awareness) to the situation where the HCP is receptive for your information. In this part of the journey being relevant is key in maintaining an opt-in.

Based on our experience we advise to keep the following drivers for relevance in mind:

  • Put the recipient central and keep messages short.
  • Provide HCPs the freedom and convenience to change preferences, but also to rate your messages/content. Learn from them and let them tune what they need and want over time. This is also a way to prevent losing them (opt-out).
  • Enter into a dialogue with your target audience and listen. If there is a need and space to use other channels than digital, vary in personal touchpoints e.g. visit or phone/remote call to listen to how they perceive you as a company and the content you provided.
  • Always keep in mind: Commerce is about building trust. Trust = showing genuine interest in the person + bringing value to the table.

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Product director @ OptInsight

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