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Data processing in the travel sector, Privacy by design

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Recently I was on skiing holiday in Austria. The owner of our apartment had, just like any company that processes personal data, met with the GDPR (DSGVO) requirements. As a result, the administrative burden of this small entrepreneur had increased considerably. Without this leading to an improvement in the valuable use of (personal) data. The client experience of me as a guest has also decreased. This could be done more efficiently and effectively, so that both entrepreneurs in tourism and the guests benefit from this.

OptInsight can help your organization with the valuable use of data and efficient data processing within the boundaries of the privacy legislation. Do you want to know how? Please read our article.

In this article we describe the challenges organizations face in the tourism chain since the introduction of GDPR. We describe a solution direction so that organizations can process personal data in an efficient manner (STP). Transparent to the end user and GDPR-compliant. Finally, we describe that organizations can anonymize the data so that the value of the data can be enabled with data insights.

Article: Data processing in the travel sector, Privacy by design

GDPR and Personal Data Processing for Fitness Clubs

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Privacy protection & GDPR, what does it mean to me as member of a fitness club?

As a member of a fitness club I visit the gym regularly. I participate in group lessons and in spinning classes. As I am working in the GDPR & privacy field, I am fully aware that I leave quite an amount of personal data, including information about my health, so called special data under GDPR.
This is fine by me, as long as I am sure that the fitness club protects my data carefully and that they use my data with my explicit consent and only for the purposes that they have explained to use my personal data. This is called privacy by default.

I expect that the fitness club uses my data for improving my health and performance. I like the competition in the spinning class, which is based on my personal data and the personal data of my competitors. I understand that the company uses my data for offering and improving my services. These are services I appreciate as a customer and I understand that this company uses data as an opportunity for improving their business.

I expect, and I have the rights to expect this under GDPR, that the fitness club, which is part of a chain of clubs, protects my data properly and does not transfer my data to third parties for which there is no necessity for offering their services to me. It is my personal (special) data which I expect from organizations to be treated carefully.

Finally, I expect that when I decide to quit my membership, that the organization erases all my personal data, since there is no legal ground anymore for processing my data.
What does privacy protection mean as a person to you? Please discuss with us.

Do you want to know more about what privacy protection could mean for a fitness company, please read this article:

In which we describe what it means for fitness clubs to process health data with consent under GDPR.

Do you want to know more about enabling your data strategy within the boundaries of GDPR.

Please contact OptInsight

McKinsey Report on A winning operating model for digital strategy

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McKinsey recently published their research report “A winning operating model for digital strategy”.
In this report they conclude that “top economic performers set, execute, and adjust their digital strategies at a faster frequency than everyone else”.

OptInsight can support your organisation to enable various of the digital strategy activities that top economic performers execute frequently. We do that in a GDPR-compliant way. Privacy by design.

In particular with the most common activity:
Use multiple sources of customer data to assess their unmet needs. OptInsight connects various systems with customer data to create a single point of truth for customer insights and GDPR-accountability.
Please contact us for more information.

McKinsey report “A winning operating model for digital strategy” can be found via this link

Article: Direct Marketing and its Relevance -The Opt-in Challenge

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Please download the OptInsight article, co-written by BakerMcKenzie about performing direct marketing under GDPR and ePrivacy legislation.

In this article you will read:
What has been changed for direct marketing activities since 25 May 2018
How companies can gain insight into personal preferences through relevance
A direct marketing roadmap for accountability and being relevant for your customers
The Opt-in Challenge in practice, a use case

Download article: Direct Marketing and its Relevance -The Opt-in Challenge

Do you want to create business value with GDPR?

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OptInsight controller

“Without strong data protection there is no business.
And without business there is no need for GDPR compliance”

Now that organisations becoming compliant with GDPR it is about time to create business value.

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