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Benefits of excellent utilisation of customer data, GDPR compliant

International pharmaceutical company


Improving relevant interaction with stakeholders by interacting with relevant content & with GDPR consent. Transparency in effectiveness of data in several systems. Careful interaction with health professionals.


  • Cleansed data from various systems;
  • Single point of truth personal data;
  • Opt-In & preference ratio > 50%
  • Revived customer data;
  • More qualified records consisting of consented personal data & preferences;
  • Improvement of insights in data

International leading pharmaceutical firm


Creating a single point of view on the stakeholders for relevant & trusted communication with GDPR consent. The client uses multiple customer data systems and channels and wants a single point of truth data & privacy.


  • Improved data quality: significant reduction in unduplicated data in weeks;
  • Opt-in & preference ratio > 40%
  • Double digit growth in unique customer records with consent;
  • More insights in personal preferences;
  • Capability to communicate relevantly with stakeholders;

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