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OptInsight Consent Collection

We take care of your initial opt-in and preference collection process by starting HCP engagement by high quality phone calls, resulting in up to 50% e-consent from HCPs

We can not only help you to collect personal customer data, but with the OptInsight e-consent and preference management platform, we can also store and manage the data collected.

Our approach

Our mission is to expand and optimize your contacts, reach and sales.

Enrich your customer database in four steps. We collect, adapt, verify and enrich profile information:

  • Step 1: Collect
    Call contacts in order to gather new data and opt-ins
  • Step 2: Adapt
    Ask permission to check, update and add missing information
  • Step 3: Verify
    Confirm opt-in or opt-out bt e-mail (GDPR compliant)
    Contacts can change their preferences or unsubscribe at any time
  • Step 4: Enrich
    Enriched data is automatically stored in a secure customer database, which is accessible everywhere and ready to use

Why we are
your partner of choice:

  • High-educated and experienced call agents
  • No basic scripting. A real dialogue based on your value proposition
  • Sophisticated call agency technology
  • High success rates and proven approach
  • Covering Europe and GCC countries


HCP's opted in


Opt-out to opt-in conversion


Appointment planning up to 30% on first contact


Increase of HCP preferences


HCP records deduplication

We take care of your initial consent collection process by starting Healthcare Professional (HCP) engagement by phone

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Frequently Asked Questions
about consent collection

How do you collect consent?

Consent can be collected in many ways. A representative of the company can ask for consent during a visit or a meeting, an HCP can fill in a webform, consent can be obtained during a phone call, etc. Regardless of the channel used, it is important that the consent process is thorough, respectful, non-coercive and compliant with relevant regulations and standards.

Can you manage consent?

Consent management is typically done by organizations who collect and use personal information. They can use tools such as consent management platforms (CMPs) to help obtain and manage consent from individuals, comply with data privacy regulations and provide detailed information about data collection practices. It is important that the organization has a clear understanding of their legal obligations under data privacy regulations and that they have appropriate processes in place to obtain and manage consent in compliance with those regulations.