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Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Consent management storage: Data centralization

The management of the consent status is an issue pharma is experiencing. Scattered data is one of the essential problems in data management. Data centralization is absolutely necessary for sailing a smooth course. For example, data protection has a lead time. Do you know when an opt-in will expire when your data is scattered through various systems? If not, you might be working in opposition to the GDPR, CCPA, other local regulations or internal business rules.

The consequences of not having your consent management in order are serious. Neglection of this process can cost you, literally. GDPR consent accountability implies obligation to prove per individual subject: clear affirmative action of HCP, consent freely given, should be specific and unambiguous and can easily be withdrawn (opt-out).

Externally, not having your consent management in order may result in issues such as high fines. Internally, an unclear system and/or process will lead to discomfort within your team. You do not want internal discussions about the completeness and lawfulness of data: you want clarity because the HCP demands a consistent approach.

consent storage

BY THE WAY, have you ever thought about what kind of consent you are storing? Value based or customer based consent? It should be customer based consent, because the consent given should be linked to a person and not to an email address, which can change and then the consent will be lost.

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