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To enrich your customer data and expand your reach and sales

With DataCare, powered by TeleSalesDirect and OptInsight, we combine smart technology with the power of high-quality telephone customer contact. We turn fragmented and incomplete data into a clear, accessible, up-to-date and usable customer database. With this GDPR opt-in based customer database in one central location, your company can be “back in the lead” again.

The world is changing, and with it, the requirements for digital communication channels to your customers.

In order to still be able to find and continue to reach your target group in an ever-growing information society, it is crucial to get your database, with customer and prospect data, in order and keep it organised.
A lot of data and personal information is often located in different places within an organisation, often making customer profiles incomplete, incorrect and hard to find.
The lack of essential customer information and the required GDPR consent restricts your digital customer contact.

Want to find out what DataCare could mean for you?

The DataCare approach


Enrich your customer database in four steps:
DataCare collects, adapts, verifies and enriches profile information.
Our mission is to expand your contacts, reach and sales.

Step 1: Collect
Call contacts in order to gather new data and opt-ins.

Step 2: Adapt
Ask permission to check, update and add missing information.

Step 3: Verify
Confirm opt-in or opt-out by email (GDPR compliant).
Contacts can change their preferences or unsubscribe at any time.

Step 4: Enrich
Enriched data is automatically stored in a single, secure customer database—accessible everywhere, and ready to use.

Our joint promise

Opt-ins guaranteed

100% GDPR-based registration of opt-ins (consent)

High-quality customer contact

Your customer database cleaned up, and up to date

Strong foundations for digital interaction with your target group

Improve your reach with an up-to-date, consented and high-quality customer database

Use the telephone channel to get in touch and collect opt-ins.

Central registration of opt-ins supported by an audit trail in a central and secure database.

Cleaning up and updating the customer’s details, including channel or information preferences.

Start with a well-aimed dialogue with your target group based on the image data.

Targeted communication based on a healthy customer database?

The process in practice

+80% opt-ins in a short space of time

+ Challenge
Digital communication with up-to-date and compliant data.
When digital communication was initiated between a pharmacist and healthcare professionals, it soon came to light that the data was not complete.
Email addresses were missing, did not have an opt-in and had not been GDPR validated.
The channel preferences and up-to-date details of the HCP and practice were also missing.
DataCare had the challenge of cleaning up and enriching all the data and also safeguarding the GDPR consent digitally.

+ Solution
The following steps were taken to support the pharmacist:
+ Draw up a target list based on data quality assessment.
+ Design a platform on the basis of the pharmacist’s wishes/privacy policy.
+ Develop the customer contact strategy.
+ High-quality telephone contact with target list.
+ Record compliant opt-ins.
+ Update HCP personal data including confirmations.
+ Record channel preferences.

What the client gained:

  • Opt-in ratio of over 80% of the approached population.
  • HCP data is 100% GDPR consent compliant (opt-in).
  • Opt-ins recorded in one central system.
  • Data clean-up and updating.
  • Channel preferences are known and can be used immediately.

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