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Recently I was on skiing holiday in Austria. The owner of our apartment had, just like any company that processes personal data, met with the GDPR (DSGVO) requirements. As a result, the administrative burden of this small entrepreneur had increased considerably. Without this leading to an improvement in the valuable use of (personal) data. The client experience of me as a guest has also decreased. This could be done more efficiently and effectively, so that both entrepreneurs in tourism and the guests benefit from this.

OptInsight can help your organization with the valuable use of data and efficient data processing within the boundaries of the privacy legislation. Do you want to know how? Please read our article.

In this article we describe the challenges organizations face in the tourism chain since the introduction of GDPR. We describe a solution direction so that organizations can process personal data in an efficient manner (STP). Transparent to the end user and GDPR-compliant. Finally, we describe that organizations can anonymize the data so that the value of the data can be enabled with data insights.

Article: Data processing in the travel sector, Privacy by design

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