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Last Updated on February 16, 2024

11 april 2023, The Netherlands

Erik Luttik, Product and Marketing Director at OptInsight, remembers well from the time when he was responsible for digital transformation at a large pharmaceutical company.
“When digital became a hype, we suddenly started doing multi-channel,” he says. “But weren’t we already doing that?

With digital, we were just adding a new channel. A relatively cheap channel with the great advantage that everything could be measured. However, the big disadvantage of digital is that the response from doctors is minimal. The message may be getting through, but how do you measure/confirm that? The decreasing size of field forces doesn’t help with this.

Therefore, think about an underrated channel that many marketers (still) don’t include in their channel strategy. OptInsight and Tele-Sales Direct are introducing DataCare Touch point management by phone.
Yes, just calling, says Erik. A channel that is more effective than many think. And in collaboration with Tele-Sales Direct, we can enrich your customer data based on facts with the necessary personal touch and targeted approach. For example, with communication preferences, an opt-in, or a rating of content that a healthcare professional has recently received.”

Ralph Schotemeijer, Commercial Director of Tele-Sales Direct, adds: “We have been actively making telephone contact with healthcare professionals in the Netherlands and abroad for many years. In recent years, we have initiated and spoken to hundreds of thousands of HCPs about various topics. We find that it is appreciated to have a dialogue (often starting with the assistant) to inquire about the preferences and needs of the HCP in a short period of time. The collected data points are recorded in accordance with the GDPR guidelines using OptInsight’s solution. Based on this collected information, our clients can design the customer journey much more targeted and personalized.”

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