Increase conversion with trusted digital interaction

Collecting Customer Data

Use the right communication channels to ask permission (Opt-in).

Customer Targetting

Build a transparent central GDPR proof database for data processing.

Personal Data Enrichment

Develop customer segments based on personal preferences and actualised data.

Multi-Channel interaction

Communicate with people in line with their individual needs and create digital trust.

For companies that want to accelerate digital communication with target groups


We help you to collect and enrich customer data from your target group. GDPR consent (opt-in) compliant without losing sales opportunities and giving your prospects and customers a seamless and trusted experience.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • If prospects or customers transfer their data to us via different channels, we aren’t able to create an actual view on the customer.
  • Our sales representatives don’t have an actual view on the latest needs of prospects and customers.
  • If an opt-in is mandatory we are not able to prove the rightness and legal validity of this permission.
  • We provide multiple communication channels to our target group, but all data is transferred to different systems. We have no control over data and no actual view on the latest needs. This effects sales conversion.
  • Because there is no overview on customer data we are not able to send personalized content.

Customer data Opt-in Collecting data

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Customer data Opt-in Collecting data

Our SaaS based platform features

  • Customer data register on individual customer level
  • Audit trail on individual level
  • API connection with your channels e.g. website, phone, e-mail, chatbot, visits, events
  • Synchronisation with common systems used like Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft dynamics or Mailchimp

Our capabilities to ensure an excellent roll out of the platform

  • A proven customer data and consent management system
  • Deep knowledge and experience in multi-channel experience, systems and processes
  • Expertise with successful tactics regarding consent acquisition & multi-channel marketing
  • Our proven approach on consent management leading to commercial effectiveness. Opt-in ratios up to 45% in multi-channel environments.
  • Strong partnership ecosystem with industry leaders in various disciplines

Use cases of the OptInsight platform for multi

channel challenges.

Increase sales conversion by bringing drivers data together

The car industry wants to accelerate digital communication because drivers want to get in touch more digitally instead of visits to the showroom or repair shop. That demands that personal data is always up to date, opt-ins are required and that you always know what drivers want.


  • Central registration of drivers personal data no matter what communication channel is used.
  • Right timing of askingĀ  preferences and opt-in to start digital interaction.
  • Capability to send the right messages to the right drivers based on their personal needs.
  • Insights what driver groups want and need to adapt your sales strategy.

Renewed digital interaction with former clients in database

Enrich and actualisation of unused customer data records leading to qualified records. Careful and relevant communication with respect for privacy based on GDPR principles.


  • Opt-in & preference ratio > 45%
  • Fact based Insights in personal preferences decision makers
  • Enriched customer records
  • Permission for digital communication with decision makers
  • Aggregated insights on topics industry level
  • Base for new value proposition development

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