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Last Updated on November 2, 2023

  • The pharmaceutical industry’s sudden shift to digital engagement in the spring of 2020 has triggered companies to rethink their previously fragmented approach to managing physician relationships;
  • To move ahead with a truly omnichannel experience, companies need a complete view of digital and in-person touchpoints for each customer and an analytics program to process these data to deliver insights to marketing and field teams;
  • Enabling omnichannel marketing requires cultural change for more agility, measuring and adjusting frequently, in contrast to the long-term plans that traditionally drove pharmaceuticals commercialization;
  • With coordination at the heart of omnichannel marketing, teams across Marketing, Sales, Medical, IT and Operations all must align to the brand strategy and enhance the customer experience;
  • Companies must plan for scale, including leadership commitment, process design and technology choices, to avoid falling back to multi-channel, uncoordinated activity.

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