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Last Updated on February 16, 2024

Pay attention to each step

Consent management is an essential good. Streamlining your personal data management process will lower your legal risk rates and increase trust within your organization and it will help you to be relevant to your target audience. You should look at consent management as a journey in which you need to pay attention to each step, being Consent storage (One single source of truth according to data protection rules), Consent collection (Collecting consent through different channels), Consent maintenance (Consent stored should be kept and should not turn into an opt-out) and Consent renewal (Due to regulations or internal business rules, consent might expire).

For every step you carefully need to consider what you want and how you want to do it. And as many colleagues have to work together on this topic, it is crucial that marketing & digital, legal & compliance and IT colleagues collaborate to establish the consent management journey. Because at the end it is all about the HCP and what he or she wants from you (or not). In our blogs in the coming weeks, we will elaborate on each step in the journey.

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Tip: involve your colleagues from other departments within your company.
In this way we can instantly answer questions and provide clarity from various points of view.


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