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Last Updated on January 10, 2024

The opt-in challenge.

We all know, that it is a challenge to collect opt-ins from HCPs. HCPs might not know your company well enough, they might not trust you yet or they might not be interested, because you are offering content which is not relevant and appealing enough. Getting e-permission from HCPs for promotional purposes requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. You should also use a variety of channels, such as field force, websites, webinars, an HCP portal, LinkedIn, post-grade education offerings, direct mail, telephone or in-person meetings. In general it is all about relevance. And relevance starts where the value (or capabilities) meet the needs of an HCP.

Here are some general steps you can take to obtain opt-ins from HCPs:

  1. Before reaching out to HCPs, it is important to have a clear value proposition that highlights the benefits of opting in to your promotional communications. This could include access to educational resources, information on new treatments or therapies, peer reviewed articles or invitations to events or webinars.
  2. Develop targeted messaging that speaks directly to the needs and interests of the HCPs you are targeting. This could include highlighting the relevance of your promotional communications to their practice area or patient population.
  3. Capture the evidence regarding the opt-ins collected. Demonstrate a clear audit-trail on individual level that proofs that is was freely given, specific, unambiguous, informed, revocable and well documented. Just a checked box in CRM is not enough. Take into account that capturing consent from different channels requires a single source of truth to not lose control.
  4. Make the opt-in process as easy as possible for HCPs. This could include providing a simple online form, pre-populating the form with their contact information or providing a link to a landing page that highlights the benefits of opting in. Be aware that you always have to provide an easy opt-out process if they want to unsubscribe.
  5. Once HCPs have opted in, it is important to respect their preferences for communication. This includes allowing them to choose the frequency, channel and type of communications they receive or providing an option to opt-out at any time. To prevent that they will opt-out, you can always provide the possibility (before opting out) to change their preferences. Otherwise you have to respect this.
  6. Monitor opt-in rates and adjust your approach as needed to improve your results. This could include adjusting your messaging, targeting different segments of doctors, using/adding other channels or refining your opt-in process.

Overall, successfully collecting opt-in data from HCPs requires careful consideration of these and other potential challenges, as well as efforts to build trust and provide clear communication around the benefits of participation. Also remember that doctors are busy and receive a lot of promotional communications, so it is important to provide added value.

What can OptInsight do for you?

We offer solutions and services for pharma & life sciences companies with focus on increasing your reach to healthcare professionals (HCPs).

The OptInsight e-consent and preference management solution allows pharmaceutical companies to manage the collection, storage and use of personal data in a compliant and secure manner. It provides a centralized platform for managing e-consent records (opt-ins AND opt-outs) and preferences, including the mandatory audit trail. It functions as a single source of truth, preventing scattered personal and consent data throughout your company. It also shows the latest consent status and preferences, which allows you to engage with HCPs based on the right data.

With our partner ecosystem, we can also support you on collecting opt-ins (up to 50%) and preferences (increase of up to 50% of HCP preferences), adding touch points to your customer journey with high end phone calls, improving the quality of data collected, creating social media campaigns, construction of websites and building HCP portals. Are you interested? Have a look at or contact me at

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