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Last Updated on January 18, 2024

Building a relationship.

As a product/brand manager, understanding the touch points in the customer journey of a doctor is crucial in building and maintaining a positive relationship with healthcare professionals. By identifying these touch points, pharmaceutical companies can provide doctors the necessary content, support and resources to inform them on how to deliver better patient care.

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to provide doctors with accurate and up-to-date information about their products. They need to provide doctors with educational materials that highlight the benefits, risks and appropriate use of a product. This education can occur through a variety of channels, such as rep visits, in-person meetings, webinars, phone calls or online resources.

Sales and medical representatives play a crucial role in the customer journey of a doctor. These representatives are the face of the pharmaceutical company and are responsible for providing doctors with information about new products and treatment options. They also provide support to doctors by answering questions, providing product samples and offering educational resources. Most interactions of a rep are face-to-face, but also phone calls can be useful for a rep. If you want to support your reps with additional touch points, high quality telephone calls are a well-accepted option.

Nowadays, due to cost limitations, many pharmaceutical companies have decreased their field force and are considering other channels to engage with HCP within or outside their target group. A very effective instrument to engage in a personal way is the use of high end telephone calls.

How to support HCPs?

As healthcare professionals, doctors need to stay up to date with the latest advances in medicine. Pharmaceutical companies can support doctors by providing them with continuous medical education (CME) opportunities. This can include seminars, conferences and online resources that cover a range of medical topics. Once an HCP attended such a CME event, a phone call is a great channel to ask for their experience and how they rate the event.

Pharmaceutical companies can also offer patient support programs that provide doctors with resources to help their patients manage their health. These programs can include patient education materials and disease management tools. To pre-screen whether an HCP is interested, a high-quality phone call is a cost-effective channel.

By identifying the right touch points, pharmaceutical companies can build the right customer journey and provide doctors with the right and necessary information, support and resources through the right channel and at the right time.

What can OptInsight do for you?

We offer solutions and services for pharma & life sciences companies with focus on increasing your reach to healthcare professionals (HCPs).
The OptInsight e-consent and preference management solution allows pharmaceutical companies to manage the collection, storage and use of personal data in a compliant and secure manner. It provides a centralized platform for managing e-consent records (opt-ins AND opt-outs) and preferences, including the mandatory audit trail. It functions as a single source of truth, preventing scattered personal and consent data throughout your company. It also shows the latest consent status and preferences, which allows you to engage with HCPs based on the right data.

With our partner ecosystem, we can also support you on collecting opt-ins (up to 50%) and preferences (increase of up to 50% of HCP preferences), adding touch points to your customer journey with high end phone calls, improving the quality of data collected, creating social media campaigns, construction of websites and building HCP portals. Are you interested? Have a look at or contact me at

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