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Last Updated on March 6, 2024

OptInsight has been at the forefront of assisting organizations in achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance. Here’s how OptInsight’s suite of features has made an impact.

Consent management and preference center

OptInsight provides organizations with a powerful consent management solution that enables them to obtain and manage user e-consent in a transparent and compliant manner. It offers a customizable preference center, giving individuals control over their consent preferences across multiple channels and touch points. All personal data acquired by an organization is synchronized real-time with the OptInsight solution providing all employees a single source of truth.

Easy configuration and deployment

Deployment and configuration is all done remotely. Initial deployment of the platform can be done in days. After the initial set up, further configuration can easily be done by the client. Because of the tenant based structure of the platform, it is very easy to scale up and add other countries. And with the built-in e-mail engine there is no need for an additional tool.

Seamless connection to other applications.

To rule out human mistakes and to limit manual labor, tools and application used by pharmaceutical companies, like their CRM system, are connected with the OptInsight solution. In this way, companies are unburdened and can focus on other topics. The built in Match & Merge functionality compares opt-ins collected with the data already in the database. When there is a match, the records are merged and in this way the creation of duplicate records is prevented.

Data subject request management

OptInsight streamlines the handling of data subject requests, including access, rectification and erasure requests. Its intuitive interface allows organizations to efficiently manage and track these requests, ensuring compliance with the GDPR’s strict timelines.

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and DPIAs.

OptInsight facilitates the creation and management of PIAs and DPIAs, providing organizations with the tools to identify, assess, and mitigate privacy risks. It guides organizations through the process, ensuring that all necessary aspects are considered and documented.

International data transfers

OptInsight assists organizations in navigating the complexities of international data transfers. It enables the implementation of necessary safeguards, such as SCCs and provides guidance on compliance with relevant frameworks, ensuring the lawful transfer of personal data outside the EU.


As we celebrate more than five years of GDPR, it is crucial to acknowledge the contributions of tools like OptInsight in empowering organizations to navigate the complex terrain of data protection and privacy. OptInsight’s comprehensive features have played an important role in simplifying GDPR compliance, helping organizations build trust with their customers, starting relevant engagement with HCPs and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding personal data. With its ongoing commitment to data compliance, OptInsight continues to be a valuable ally in the journey toward a more privacy-centric digital landscape.

What can OptInsight do for you?

We offer solutions and services for pharma & life sciences companies with focus on increasing your reach to healthcare professionals (HCPs).
The OptInsight e-consent and preference management solution allows pharmaceutical companies to manage the collection, storage and use of personal data in a compliant and secure manner. It provides a centralized platform for managing e-consent records (opt-ins AND opt-outs) and preferences, including the mandatory audit trail. It functions as a single source of truth, preventing scattered personal and consent data throughout your company. It also shows the latest consent status and preferences, which allows you to engage with HCPs based on the right data.
With our partner ecosystem, we can also support you on collecting opt-ins (up to 50%) and preferences (increase of up to 50% of HCP preferences), adding touch points to your customer journey with high end phone calls, improving the quality of data collected, creating social media campaigns, construction of websites and building HCP portals. Our very experienced pharma experts can support you at building the right governance structure for your company and at developing and implementing your omnichannel engagement strategy. Are you interested?

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