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Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Do you know when they expire? Do you get an alert?

Data-protection is about proving that you are a good custodian with regard to the personal data of an individual. It is not just about storing an opt-in/opt-out in the right way (according to e.g. GDPR, CCPA), but in our daily practice we also see that quite some pharmaceutical companies have additional business rules. Such a business rule can demand linking an expiry date to an opt-in. This implies, that after 2 or 3 years an opt-in expires and your data protection policy requires to renew this consent, because it is no longer valid.

Is this a challenge? Not all! In our platform these expiry dates are listed and you can easily see whether action is required.

When asking an HCP for renewal of his/her consent, this is also a very good moment to “measure the temperature”. How is your company, your way of communication, your content, etc. perceived by the HCP?

When the respective HCP is visited by your salesforce, re-consent can be asked during the visit. But many HCPs do not want to be visited or are outside of your face-to-face target group. For these HCPs we offer the possibility to send an automated e-mail asking for consent renewal. This email is triggered by the expiration date of the opt-in as captured in our platform.

When asking for an opt-in renewal, you should offer the HCP relevant information according to his/her preferences, which are also stored in our platform. And when you are executing a planned customer journey, it can be an option to integrate the consent renewal in this journey.

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