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Last Updated on February 9, 2023

Prevent duplicate customer records and keep your database clean!

The OptInsight consent management platform contains a unique “Match & Merge” algorithm . This feature can automatically detect duplicate customer records based on input parameters such as First Name, Last Name, Specialty, etc. When duplicated records are detected, the system will propose a “merge” to the most complete customer record (e.g. the record with a OneKey ID), vastly improving data quality. For one of our clients, we were able to reduce the number of records from 100.000 to 65.000 in two weeks. This was an improvement in undoubled record of 35%.

Match & merge functionality

Also, the advanced integration capabilities avoid data conflicts and ensure the correct source data is used to populate the customer record.

All consent registrations fed into the OptInsight client tenant for which the personal data records are incomplete (e.g. via a web form or the blank consent channel) can be processed by the Match & Merge functionality. This is a best practice to ensure that consent registrations that can’t be directly linked to a contact in the Privacy ledger will not pollute the customer database with invalid consent registrations.

When the IQVIA OneKey database, often used to fill the privacy ledger, is incomplete, unknown HCPs can be added to the privacy ledger. In this way, the database is enriched with missing doctor’s data.

The M&M functionality executes an automatic matching process via an algorithm (based on Initials, Last name, Postal Code, email and Professional Registration number), and in case of a failure in automatic matching, it facilitates the manual matching by making suggestions for matching.

Consent collected, which cannot be matched, is recovered, because it is stored in Match & Merge until further actions are taken.

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