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What we do

Personal data and
consent platform

We enable organizations in specific industries with:

  • Centrally collecting and managing opt-ins
  • Opt-in GDPR compliance assurance
  • Data quality enrichment
  • Central registration of personal preferences
  • Insights into profiles and segments

Why partnerships

Joint effort
creates opportunities

Together we can achieve maximum value for your clients.

Organizations face a huge challenge these days with regard to collecting and using personal data.

A central platform is one of the enablers, but also adds to your services to optimise added value.

Our commitment

Powered by OptInsight
& your capabilities

We are fully committed to help your clients to get the best out of personal data.

Your business will thrive, flourish and grow.

Completely supported with a full-scale partner programme, enabling you to continue focusing on your core expertise and the goals of your clients.

Our offer to industry leaders

Are you a leader in one of the OptInsight core industries (Pharma & Life sciences)?

And do your clients experience challenges with personal data and opt-ins?

Please cooperate with us to jointly optimise propositions around your capabilities and our proven best-in-class platform solution.

Contact us to make an appointment to get to know more about our partnership programme.

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Our partners

Our invitation to potential partners

You are a leader in one of the OptInsight core industries.

Your clients experience challenges with relevant and compliant personal data utilisation.

Please accept our invite to make an appointment and learn more about our partnership programme.

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