Transparent and secure personal data and document sharing

Control Shared Data

Gain central control of each individual document shared with third parties.

Personal document sharing

Share the identification documents in an easy, fully protected and compliant manner.

Effortless consent

Effortlessly receive GDPR proof consent for each individual document shared.

Compliance control

Create insights into external KYC/CDD requirements for each third party.

For companies that want to efficiently share personal data while complying with regulations

We help you to share the personal data of your directors and employees in a secure, efficient and fully automated way.

ID data and other data that need to be shared should comply with KYC/CDD regulations. The required GDPR consent and other legal documentation are registered with little effort and complete auditability.

Do you recognise these challenges?

  • Personal data of your company directors, employees and customers is shared with numerous third parties for compliance purposes
  • Differentiating between the requirements of banks, regulators and government compliance requires a great deal of coordination
  • You are not fully confident that each shared document is sufficiently secure
  • You do not know whether certain documents are still valid or have possibly expired in terms of authorisation for sharing
  • There is no central overview of the individual shared documents with third parties
  • Proving consent and legal validity for each individual shared document is difficult
  • People whose data is shared are worried where the data is kept

KYC data platform

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KYC data platform

Our SaaS based platform features

  • Personal data sharing register at an individual document level
  • Audit trail per individual shared document per third party
  • Effortlessly obtain individual consent
  • Synchronisation with current systems, such as Outlook and SharePoint
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Compliance insights into third party KYC/CDD requirements
  • Temporary data access for third parties in a secure environment

Want to know more about efficient and central data sharing with OptInsight?

Our capabilities to ensure an excellent roll-out of the platform

  • A proven personal data management and compliance system
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience in compliance, security, systems and process improvements
  • Expertise with successful tactics regarding process optimisation and risk management in financial services
  • Our proven approach to data management leads to compliance efficiency
  • Strong partnership ecosystem with industry leaders in compliance and data security