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Last Updated on February 8, 2024

  • The nuances and importance of consent management in healthcare marketing.
  • The challenges and best practices for obtaining consents from HCPs.
  • Insights into ‘instant value’ and its significance in the consent process.
  • Effective channel strategies for engaging with HCPs and enhancing consent rates.

Summary of this episode

Channel Efficiency for Consent

  • Phone Calls: Achieving up to 65% consent rates across Europe.
  • Social Media (LinkedIn): Yielding 10-20% consent rates through ad-driven campaigns or organic outreach.
  • Web Forms and Portals: Can reach up to 60% consent rates, with traffic driven by advertisements or content sharing on forums.
  • Sales Representatives: Showing a 30-40% success rate in consent collection, highlighting the need for proper training in consent request delivery.

Consent Collection Strategies

Martijn highlighted the importance of adopting a value-centric approach for consent collection. He emphasized the need for companies to step into the shoes of HCPs and offer relevant information that aids in their daily tasks. Personal interaction channels, such as direct conversations or phone calls, were recommended for initial consent requests, showcasing effectiveness in building a connection with HCPs.

Immediate Value and Relevance

The discussion underscored the significance of immediate value in consent collection, suggesting that companies should offer instant access to valuable content upon signup. Martijn also pointed out the common mistake of not demonstrating the value of the offered content, which can lead to lower conversion rates.

Future Challenges and Opportunities

The interview touched on the future of digital engagement and consent management, identifying the orchestration of consent data across various channels and systems as a critical challenge. Martijn also mentioned the potential impact of AI on ethical and legal consent usage.


The conversation with Martijn van den Corput provided valuable insights into effective strategies for consent collection, emphasizing the importance of offering immediate value, personalizing outreach, and understanding the relevance of content for HCPs. As the digital landscape evolves, companies must navigate the challenges of consent management while exploring new opportunities for engagement.

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