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Pharma and Life Sciences solutions

We can help you to collect and manage opt-ins and preferences from healthcare professionals in a GDPR-compliant manner.

This enables your company to create a seamless customer journey by storing personal data in a compliant way without losing its business value.

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • HCP data and consent is captured in different systems and collected via multiple channels. You do not have an actual overview of the consent status and the HCP data
  • HCPs use different channels to communicate with you. You are not able to capture the consent and data mutations in one central place. This results in discussions about what is the most accurate data
  • You want to start digital communication with HCPs, but do not have valid opt-ins and email addresses
  • Your sales representatives are not able to (plan) visit(s) to HCPs. They do not have an actual overview of the content needs of HCPs. Your reach to HCPs is decreasing
  • Your company provides a HCP portal, but HCPs rarely return after their first visit

HCP consent GDPR Opt-in Consent Healthcare Professional opt-in

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Our SaaS based platform features

  • Personal data register at the individual HCP level
  • Audit trail at the individual HCP level
  • API connection with your channels, such as website, phone, e-mail and HCP portal
  • Synchronisation with common systems used in pharma, for example Veeva, OCE, Salesforce marketing cloud and OneKey database

Our capabilities to ensure an excellent roll-out of the platform

  • A proven consent management system that originated in pharma
  • In-depth knowledge of and experience in pharma business, systems and processes
  • Expertise with successful tactics regarding consent acquisition and omni-channel HCP (Healthcare Professional) marketing
  • Our proven approach to consent management, leading to commercial effectiveness. Opt-in ratios up to 75% in pharma
  • Strong partnership ecosystem with industry leaders in pharma in various disciplines

Optimal HCP Experience

We care | OptInsight

They were looking for targeted interaction with healthcare professionals by deploying relevant content. And wanted to do that GDPR compliant, smart and with results. Besides that, they were looking for insight into the effectiveness of the data in various systems. We help them with careful interaction with HCPs. OptInsight records their opt-ins, provides insights, and allow them to communicate optimally with their target group.

  • Single point of truth personal data
  • Cleansed data from different systems
  • Opt-in & preference ratio > 70%
  • Qualified records of personal data with consent and preferences
  • Optimal data visibility

Overview of personal data with high consent ratios

We created a single point of view at HCP level for relevant and reliable communication with GDPR consent. The customer uses multiple customer data systems and channels. The desire was a single point of truth for personal data, insight, and privacy. OptInsight is the solution!

  • Improved data quality
  • Opt-ins and preference ratio > 60%
  • Double-digit growth in unique customer records with consent
  • Optimal insight into personal preferences
  • Targeted and relevant communication with HCPs

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