OptInsight is an enterprise software company. Via Pipedrive we provide a Beta version.

Use Pipedrive as a Single source of truth for customer data and consent (Opt-In)

Collect consent, personal preferences and evidence

Be sure that you process contacts with consent

GDPR proof, Privacy by design


Price: € 3 per Pipedrive user per month

           € 19,99 once per company for a tenant

Payment schedules: Upfront quarterly or yearly

Payment due: 14 days

Payment provider: Paypal

Onboarding procedure

1. Please read our manual or watch our videos for explanation and installation. Go to Pipedrive Marketplace

2. If you are interested to use our app, you can fill in the form. In tab “questions” please provide us info about A) how many Pipedrive users you have at the moment. B) whether you are interested in the onboarding service. C) other needs/questions. Within 24 hrs we will provide you with answers and if needed an appointment for a video call.

3. In the video call we will either help you with the optional onboarding services or answer your additional questions

4. If you decide to install the app, please provide us your company details via this form:

  • Company name
  • Email address finance department
  • Contact person
  • VAT number
  • Choice: Quarterly paid invoice or Yearly paid invoice

5. Questions about the app during use? Please send your questions to Support@opt-insight.com. We respond within 24 hrs.

Q & A  regarding consent (Opt-In) management

  1. When is an Opt-In required? Contacts in Pipedrive where you can’t rely on a contract (deal), need a valid Opt-In. In general it is applicable in case you want to email prospects with digital content like newsletters.
  2. When can I rely on Contract (Soft Opt-In)? In case you have closed a deal with a person you are allowed to send digital content in line of the deal you closed.
  3. When can I use expiry dates? Expiry dates give you an indication when the applicable legal basis and or consent is expiring. Also a “commercial” momentum to get in touch with the contact again about his or her (business) agenda.
  4. Why should you collect preferences? Collecting Opt-Ins for marketing purposes seems to be only a “GDPR” obligation. If you combine collecting an Opt-In with asking personal preferences you know in what specific topic your customer is really interested in. It helps in making your sales & marketing processes more effective.

Optional services: onboarding service

If you don’t want to do the installation by yourself, we offer an onboarding service. What we do:

  • Installation of the app
  • Onboard your Pipedrive users
  • Configure preferences and or expiry dates

Service is offered at €99 once offered via a video call.



OptInsight supports with evidencing for personal data processing with consent which is a GDPR obligation. OptInsight helps with processing contact data in Pipedrive in a GDPR compliant manner. We do not guarantee GDPR compliance.

GDPR Compliance

OptInsight and it’s partners can support you with advise and tools on becoming GDPR compliant.