What we do

OptInsight was founded in 2018 with the purpose of connecting different stakeholders in the Pharma and Life Sciences industry to process and exchange data in a meaningful way. Our technology facilitates these organisations to provide healthcare professionals with the right information, using the right channels, at the right time. All with the mission to make sure patients benefit from the best treatments. Our aim is to grow to the number one platform for e-consent and personal data in Europe by helping more and more organisations to empower healthcare professionals to share their personal data, whilst communicating clearly and transparently about their information preferences and needs.

Our team

Since we started, we have grown our team to over 20 people, all with their own diverse set of individual skills, expertise and backgrounds. We work remote for the most part, but we have an office where we can meet and organize fun events to celebrate our successes together!

How you can give meaning to the role of Customer Success Manager

As Customer Success Manager you will be responsible for continuing the positive relationship with our customers after the customer has been onboarded and has started to use our platform. After that stage, you will focus on strengthening and expanding the relationship with our clients while fostering new opportunities for cross- and upsell. You will work closely with Product Development, Operations and Support in ensuring that our clients can use our platform without any hassle or issues. This means always being one step ahead in scheduling reviews to assess the progress the customer is making on realising their targets. You will stimulate cross-team effort, by acting as a glue between teams and connecting members of a multidisciplinary team to service the customer whilst being the first point of contact.

In this role, you report to our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO).

On a daily basis, you will be kept busy with driving customer value and growth. Your main objective will be to strengthen and expand the customer relationship. This means working together with and facilitating customers in a structure (Governance) where the customer’s stakeholders meet regularly to discuss topics regarding commercial effectiveness- and consent management.

What you build upon

You have been around the block and bring valuable experience in:

  • Building extraordinary relationships with various stakeholders, both internally and externally
  • Keeping your customers happy and not being afraid to ask for feedback (we strive for an NPS score of at least 8 for our services provided and platform overall)
  • Upselling on new features (on-demand solutions), or packages, or countries, the sky is the limit!
  • Managing the contract/preventing churn
  • Making sure customers stay and happily extend the collaboration

How we will invest in you

One of our key drivers is being meaningful. Practically speaking, this means that we value having personal relationships that are built on trust. We do that by staying connected, facing challenges together, being resourceful and committed, all while having fun! We define all of these things as the investment attitude, which obviously is a two-way street. We invest in each other!

This is what you can expect from us:

  • A solid fixed income so you can invest in all the fun things outside of work
  • A variable component as a reward for being committed to the growth of our company
  • The opportunity to be part of a fast-growing technology scale-up with loads of
  • An international environment full of exciting challenges we work on as a team
  • An environment where we want you to make an impact
  • Support, to put your vision and ideas into practice (we just expect you to bring them!)
  • A personal development plan including in-house coaching
  • All kinds of social events and fun moments to connect and celebrate successes
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