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Scattered data and incomplete Healthcare Professional (HCP) records

A well-recognized issue within the pharmaceutical industry

How we can help you to optimize your data quality

Do you recognize these issues with regard to your data:

  • Data from an HCP is spread over different systems
  • No one system with up-to-date and accurate HCP records
  • Record of an HCP differs from system to system
  • New data not matched with an existing record
data quality improvement optinsight

Our data quality improvement process consists of 4 steps:

consent management solution optinsight

1. Data quality assessment

Your data from different sources should be provided to us according to a defined set up. Based on a quick scan we will determine the quality of your data and present conclusions and next steps.
consent management solution optinsight

2. Action plan

In this phase we will define the business rules based on your requirements and the quality of the data. We will present timelines and the proposed budget involved.
consent management solution optinsight

3. Data cleaning

Now we will upload your data and our algorithm will compare records from different databases and applications. The results are deduplication of records, merging of records and/or relevant data and the creation of so-called golden records.
consent management solution optinsight

4. MedUnite

Algorithm which can be integrated into your IT infrastructure in which HCP data sources are connected and records are automatically matched and merged.

Initial results achieved in
a few weeks:

  • Deduplication: significant (35%) reduction of HCP records
  • Consent status: 15% of those records with correct opt-in/opt-out status
  • Golden records: 10% turned into complete HCP records
  • HCP data consistency in different systems: no more manual merging of data

Improved HCP
data quality
in a short period of time

Download our factsheet
hcp data quality factsheet

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