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Omnichannel services

Start today with customer focused omni-channel communication

How we can help you to collect, manage and integrate customer data.

Having a 360 view of your customer should enable you:

  • to send the right message
  • to the right HCP
  • through the right channel
  • at the right time
  • on the right legal basis

Our omnichannel services embrace:

consent management solution optinsight

Opt-in & preference collection by phone

With our OptInsight Consent Collection service we offer high quality phone calls by native speakers as an effective instrument to collect opt-ins and preferences from HCPs across Europe.
consent management solution optinsight

Touch point management by phone

Within the customer journey high quality phone calls are an effective channel to create additional touch points with HCPs. These personal calls can be used for example to update personal HCP data, to increase frequency, to follow up on digital contacts, to schedule appointments, to check content & channel preference and to inform HCPs about new treatments.
consent management solution optinsight

Identity management

To make digital interaction for HCPs as convenient as possible, a Single Sign On (SSO) functionality integrated across websites/portals used, automatically recognizes and connects HCPs to the channel required. It includes HCP verification with national databases, stimulates ease of use of HCPs and monitoring of website activity. This functionality has already been implemented at many pharma companies by our sister company MK2 Software.
consent management solution optinsight

Instant Message

This instant messaging channel, developed by one of our partners, allows communication using WhatsApp to share information and also to collect opt-ins.
consent management solution optinsight

Social media campaign development

With one of our partners, we support you in defining an effective social media strategy, develop and run the actual campaign. With real-time dashboarding to monitor the results of campaign(s).
consent management solution optinsight

Patient Interaction Platform

This is a service app, designed and built by our sister company MK2 Software, which enables online communication between HCPs and their patients. HCPs can monitor their patients real-time and track their medication adherence. When patients deviate, HCPs can advice on how to improve. It can also be used to collect real world evidence.
consent management solution optinsight

HCP Portal Development

State of the art, future proof, scalable and durable HCP portal development. Exceptional website and HCP portal development solutions.
consent management solution optinsight


Our expert colleagues and partners can advice and support you on all commercial pharma & life sciences topics as described above..

Where we can help you starting and managing
your customer journey:

  • Opt-in and preference collection by phone
  • Convert opt-outs to opt-ins
  • Social media posts
  • Instant message
  • Touch point management by phone

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