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Patient Interaction Platform

How to facilitate secure patient-doctor communication

Revolutionize patient care: An APP to experience seamless healthcare interaction!

The puffer app was developed to remotely monitor young children with astma. 

At home parents take tests, like assessing lung function, breath test and measuring heart rate. This data is uploaded in the app and monitored by the pulmonologist. Parents can also schedule appointments and they have real time access to the medical record of their child.  Patients have easy access through the app on their mobile phone.

User friendly interfaces

We prioritize user-friendly interfaces, ensuring intuitive navigation for both patients and healthcare providers. Through robust security measures, including encrypted data transmission, we safeguard sensitive information.
Our systems will enable personalized patient care, real-time consultations and collection of Real-World evidence.
Our Patient Interaction Platform will optimize healthcare delivery, promoting efficient communication and enhancing the overall patient experience within a secure, user-centric environment.

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