Gaston Aussems

Member advisory board

“Working with OptInsight’s team allows me to complement their entrepreneurship and expertise in consent management with my experience in scaling a technology company. Together we’re on an inspiring journey to build trust in consent based communication for all parties involved.”

Consent management is a big issue in many industries. The ability to effectively communicate with your clients and partners without compromising privacy or putting data at risk is crucial to bring new innovations to the market. Optinsight’s omni-channel solution for e-consent and marketing is leading the way to simultaneously improve any company’s commercial and compliance effectiveness.

Gaston spent over two decades in transaction banking and payment services as banker, consultant and executive roles. Up to September 2020 he was the CEO of Mollie, an innovative payment service provider. He possesses material technical skills relating to emerging technologies and a broad range of key experience in strategic planning, financial regulation and compliance, risk management, leadership, transformation, business development, and investor relations. With a passion for customer centricity, technology and scaling combined with a strong focus on strong employee engagement, shared values and purpose he has led companies to excellent financial performance and rapid growth.