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Michel van Koningsbrugge OptInsight
CTO & Owner

Michel van Koningsbrugge

“Our belief is that building trust in a data driven business is about value, personal attention and respect for individual privacy.”

I have led my own technology company (MK2 software) for more than 15 years. I have a strong track record in developing technology within several industries, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. I’m proud to call myself an expert in helping companies generate valuable business insights in order to make better business decisions. At OptInsight I am using my experience to help develop our solution and make it future-proof. I am passionate about cars and spends my spare time fixing them and making them even better than before.

Martijn van der Corput OptInsight
CCO & Owner

Martijn van den Corput

“Our belief is that building trust in a data driven business is about value, personal attention and respect for individual privacy.”

I have a strong track record in management consulting and commercial leadership. Before founding OptInsight, I have worked for PwC, ConQuaestor Consulting, Capgemini Consulting and Innopay. During the first years of my career, I gained a great deal of experience in organisational change and operational excellence. Later on, I specialized in digital transformation and commercial excellence. My passion is Italian and German cars and I’m a lifetime lover of Burgundy wines.

Tjeerd van der Stroom OptInsight
CDO & Owner

Tjeerd van der Stroom

“Our belief is that building trust in a data driven business is about value, personal attention and respect for individual privacy.”

I have almost 20 years’ of experience in the financial and data-compliance industry. I worked for several multinationals and SMEs. I also supported several companies with their GDPR compliance. My expertise lies in performance improvement within the boundaries of regulations. I hold an Executive Master in Finance & Control (RC) and have completed my education as a Data Protection Officer (DPO). In my spare time, I like to take part in outdoor sports and enjoys visiting restaurants for good food.

Business Development Team

Commercial Director

Maarten Boot

“My definition of commercial effectiveness is the whole of personality, curiosity and integrity and showing a genuine interest in each other.”

My role is to support customer success for our present- and future customers to achieve their goals. Key responsibilities are to make sure we onboard customers ‘first time right’ and stand by our relations to advise how ‘best’ looks like and act accordingly. In my spare time, I enjoy various sports (indoor and outdoor activities) like tennis, walking, fitness. I value excellent espresso or ristretto and, as ultimate relaxation, preparing Italian specialities for family & friends. Buon appetito! 

Business Development Manager Spain Patu Antunes OptInsight
Business Development Manager Spain

Patu Antunes

Business Development Manager Italy

Emilio Vilardo

Engineering Team

Engineering Lead

Bart van den Berg

“You learn something new everyday if you pay attention.”

In my role as ‘Engineering Lead’, I determine the technical direction and future of the platform and the processes surrounding it together with a team of professionals. I am constantly looking at how we can improve and scale existing functionality, and add new cool features to our platform! In my spare time, I like to fire up the barbecue with friends and you can often find me at the cinema or on a terrace!

Backend Developer

Paco Stoelman

“Algorithm: Word used by programmers when they don’t want to explain what they did.”

Since the start of Opt-insight, I have been working as a backend developer, devising and developing new software solutions within the platform, with which users can collect and manage consent more easily. In my spare time I like to go to the woods with my dog Jara, and I love cooking and dining.


Product Director

Erik Luttik

“Be critical, never stop asking questions!”

I have a long career in the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1982 I worked for Gist-brocades, Searle, Boehringer-Ingelheim and Chiesi. I was also involved in two, very successful partnerships with Pfizer and Lilly. I started my career as an international market researcher, worked as strategy manager and then moved to marketing as a product manager (Gist-brocades). After having worked as marketing (& sales) manager (Searle), he joined Boehringer-Ingelheim as Business Unit Manager Specialty care. My next step was Marketing Director, which I combined with Head of Commercial Operation (Netherlands and MIDI). In these last roles, I was , amongst other things, responsible for the digital transformation process, involving knowledge building, implementing the right tools and techniques and most important of all coaching the people involved into the right direction. The challenge was to make people realize, that by adding another (digital) channel in the right way, their efforts and investments were more effective. In my free time, I likes to cycle (MTB and race bike), to spend time on the water in my “sloep” and to work in the garden.

Advisory Board

Advisory Board Member

Gaston Aussems

“Working with OptInsight’s team allows me to complement their entrepreneurship and expertise in consent management with my experience in scaling a technology company. Together we’re on an inspiring journey to build trust in consent based communication for all parties involved.”

Consent management is a big issue in many industries. The ability to effectively communicate with your clients and partners without compromising privacy or putting data at risk is crucial to bring new innovations to the market. Optinsight’s omni-channel solution for e-consent and marketing is leading the way to simultaneously improve any company’s commercial and compliance effectiveness.
I spent over two decades in transaction banking and payment services as banker, consultant and executive roles. Up to September 2020 I was the CEO of Mollie, an innovative payment service provider. Possessing material technical skills relating to emerging technologies and a broad range of key experience in strategic planning, financial regulation and compliance, risk management, leadership, transformation, business development, and investor relations. With a passion for customer centricity, technology and scaling combined with a strong focus on strong employee engagement, shared values and purpose I have led companies to excellent financial performance and rapid growth.

Advisory Board Member

Remco Boer

“It is exciting to be closely involved in the growth of a business that truly adds value to its clients. OptInsight’s product is already attracting a lot of industry attention.”

I worked in change management and compliance within the financial sector for over ten years. As member of the Board of Directors of the payments provider Mollie, I helped the company grow from a small startup to an international scale up. In my 2021 book ‘Via Mollie’ I detailed the astronomical growth of the company. I continue to work with startups to grow their business and I frequently speak on innovation, product development and entrepreneurship.
Communicating with clients while respecting their privacy is a challenge for many but the right tools can make life easier and accelerate business development. OptInsight does this. It solves a specific problem for their clients allowing them to focus on their core business.