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Last Updated on June 13, 2024


Good News! We’ve Teamed Up with Tangent90! 🚨

We are working with Tangent90 to enable you to share published content through our e-consent and preference management platform (CMP).

We can now assist companies initiating commercial operations in Europe by seamlessly distributing published scientific content from our consent and preference management platform. Through the high value published content represents for HCPs, the collaboration provides you with a strong foundation for building a database of healthcare professionals with valid consent, which can seamlessly connect to your CRM system.

Tangent90’s solution Trustrack, enables pharma to distribute and track digital copies of published scientific content. This includes ePrints as well as concise formats like Research Summaries, QuickTake videos, and other short-form content.

When sharing content with Trustrack, the barriers for sharing copyright, licensed content such as copyright protection, adherence to publisher terms and conditions, and local regulatory requirements and seamless operation within existing channels are taken care of.

Content can be shared with the HCP through any existing channels, such as Veeva Approved Email, your website, at congress, messaging platforms and third-party channels. Once the HCP has received the content, it can be accessed and downloaded via a single click without the need for form filling. This saves the HCPs valuable time, provides an improved customer experience and minimises drop-off.

Trustrack also tracks the usage of content at the point of engagement to provide you with rich data on HCP scientific content utilisation, channel use, consent and other data points captured during the interaction.

To learn more about what Tangent90 have to offer, visit our website

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