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Build trust by being both GDPR compliant
and sharing targeted communications

Our software enables your organization to use personal data in a responsible and relevant way. Personal data often resides in various locations across different systems within your organization. There are also multiple communication channels through which personal data is collected.

This often results in:

  • Limited insight into available personal data
  • Scattered, inaccurate and incomplete personal data
  • Lack of clarity regarding the consent status for the use of this data

These challenges require a solution for this data. We look at this from 2 different angles:

  • being relevant for commercial purposes based on this data
  • being accountable for this data from a GDPR compliance perspective

That is why OptInsight offers a solution that combines both the central recording of available personal data at an individual level and privacy responsibility.

For example, with consent (Opt-Ins)

To get the most up-to-date insight into whether you may use this personal data and for what purposes, OptInsight is the ultimate solution. Our software works like a hub.

Our platform seamlessly connects to the current applications in your organization where personal data are recorded and/or processed. We also connect to the communication channels where personal data are collected.

OptInsight always has a solution on country level that allows you to communicate with Health Care Professionals in a relevant way, taking local data protection rules into account. We are happy to look together at the best solution to meet the challenges your company faces.

We would like to grow along with your ambitions and help you achieve this in a legally secure and optimal manner.  We offer three packages that grow with our clients and provide insight into the behavior, movements and wishes of your target group.

Key platform values

  • 100% GDPR opt-in compliance guarantee
  • Omnichannel consent control (opt-in and opt-out)
  • Always up-to-date view on customer and HCP data level
  • Effective and efficient communication based on recipient preferences
  • Proactive commercial action from the pharmaceutical company

Have a look at our
HCP data solutions

Consent and control of customer data

100% GDPR consent accountability and management

Customer data privacy register captures customer data & consent status at individual level.  With our solution you are optimally able to prove to both individuals and compliance authorities which personal data your organization processes. In addition, for which purposes. You are therefore able to give control over their data and, if required, withdraw it according to GDPR guidelines.

Central visibility and insight at the sound level

Single point of data truth and enriched customer data

We enable the linking of multiple applications where personal data is recorded and processed. Moreover, we ensure that (digital) communication channels where data and preferences are collected are synchronized. This gives you optimal control over your data. This leads to a centralized overview of customer data, which is then automatically labelled how and if it can be used and for what purposes.

Higher commercial effectiveness

Effective pro-active communication & results

Your organization can optimize commercial actions with our technology. For example, by sharing relevant content based on the most up-to-date preferences and permission status of Health Care Professionals. Based on this data and the interaction with your target group, the solution offered by OptInsight can provide insights that will improve your commercial and compliance effectiveness.

Do you want to experience how your organization can accelerate the use of personal data without GDPR consent hurdles?

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