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Our software enables your organisation to utilize personal data both responsibly and relevantly. Personal data resides often everywhere across your organisation. Via multiple communication channels personal data flows in and out. That often results in:

  • not up to date personal data
  • and not knowing if you are allowed to use this data

These challenges require strong control over this data from 2 different angles: being accountable for this personal data from GDPR compliance perspective and being relevant based on this data.

Therefore we provide a solution that brings together both privacy accountability and utilization of collecting and processing personal data on individual level. For example with consent (Opt-In).

In order to acquire the most actual insights in whether you are allowed to use this personal data and for what purposes you may use it, our software acts like a hub. It connects easily with the systems in your organisation where personal data is captured and/or processed and with communication channels where personal data is collected.

Single Point of Truth

Personal data & GDPR compliancy

Transparency:  Up to date personal data.

Connecting multiple systems where personal data is processed and communication channels where personal preferences are collected to our hub, leads to a central view and always control over personal data. Personal data is earmarked how it may be used, for what purposes and in line with personal preferences.

Compliancy: 100% GDPR accountability

The personal data privacy-ledger captures multiple data processing activities on personal level. With our hub, you are able to prove to persons and compliance authorities what personal data you process, for what purposes and give persons the capability to change or withdraw the use of personal data.

Relevancy: personalized action with permission.

Organizations can take action with our technology. For example to share relevant content based on the most actual preferences of persons. Either with the content library or by connecting our hub with existing applications in your company. Your business effectiveness will improve.

Main specifications of our hub

  • Personal data & privacy ledger on individual level
  • Proven consent management (opt-in and opt-out) on individual level
  • Full audit-trail on individual level
  • Supports multiple processing activities for the 6 GDPR legal grounds
  • Supports collecting, processing, managing and using of personal data
  • Specific customization of processing activities, data sources, data channels, expiry dates of all GDPR legal grounds for your organisation
  • Content library for sharing content
  • Administration and access control (f.e. 2 factor authentication)
  • Connectable with your current IT landscape and your communication channels
  • Multi language
  • Dashboards
  • Api connections with f.e. Salesforce, Pipedrive, mailchimp, HR systems.
  • Short implementation time

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