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Some testimonials
What clients say about OptInsight

“HCPs communicate more and more via digital channels. I lost control over the actual opt-in and opt-out status and evidence, resulting in a compliance risk for our company. OptInsight acts like a sort of octopus, allowing us to take into account consent via other systems we use, such as OCE (CRM)”

Director of Compliance

“After we had spent a lot of time collecting consent on paper and via phone calls, our privacy officer rejected all of them because they didn’t meet the GDPR requirements. With OptInsight, we were able to solve these issues. Opt-in can be used via the system, so that promotional emails can be sent to my target group.”

Commercial Director

“I am responsible for major data insights. Before deploying OptInsight, we had no clue for how many people, or for whom, we had an opt-in or opt-out. They were either not captured or were in different applications. OptInsight gives us a real-time overview of consent status, which is additionally an indication for commercial success.”

BI Director

“Our sales reps didn’t know that a lot of HCPs had given their opt-in via our portal. It wasn’t registered in Veeva or in our marketing automation system. With OptInsight, we are able to fill in these gaps automatically.”

CRM Manager

“We use Veeva for CRM purposes, but Veeva doesn’t support our multi-channel strategy or give the required GDPR evidence level of consent. With OptInsight, we are able to support a GDPR-proof multi-channel strategy.”

Digital Manager

“We use Veeva and a marketing automation system. Before we used OptInsight, we needed a lot of manual work to gain insights into the up-to-date consent status. OptInsight gives us confidence about these statuses.”

IT Director

“We had challenges around collecting consent for a long time. We are a strong, growing pharmaceutical and need to have opt-ins. OptInsight guided us rapidly to be capable of collecting consent: not only with the software, but also with their experience what works or not. Very helpful!”

VP Commerce

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