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OptInsight Touch Point Management, high end phone calls as a channel for more personal touch.

With  OptInsight TPM, we combine smart technology with the power of high-quality telephone customer contact for the purpose of creating more personal touch points, increasing data quality and improving relevance.

We make HCP contact personal & relevant

More personal touch points

  • Increase contact frequency
  • Receive immediate feedback what HCPs need from us and through which channel(s)
  • Know how our digital content resonates
  • Evaluate company relevance and image
  • Schedule on/offline appointments with HCPs

data quality

  • Update incomplete HCP data
  • Collect more opt-ins
  • Decrease the number of opt-outs
  • Collect preferences regarding content, channel and frequency
  • Rate feedback of an HCP


  • Turn data into actions towards our HCPs
  • Communicate in line of the HCP needs
  • Build insights based on improved personal & data touch points
  • Optimize content & contact strategy

Adding phone calls as an additional channel could help you with:

hcp personal touch point

Our capabilities lead to impressive customer results.

This factsheet clearly describes how high quality phone calls can contribute to your channel strategy.

Download our factsheet
hcp data quality

Do you want to enrich your customer data and expand your coverage, frequency and sales?

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