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Last Updated on January 22, 2024

Read below the message how they shape the collaboration with us.

“Not only is healthcare changing rapidly, we at samhealth have also been busy behind the scenes for a while with a major innovation around all our software and data processing. We believe in the power of data and are working towards an increasingly complete application of data to promote engagement, with our customers, but also with our panel members.

We do this in collaboration with OptInsight. OptInsight builds bridges between Pharma and physicians through reliable and relevant communication and information exchange. They do this on the basis of robust technology and the belief that the correct use of personal data ultimately revolves around people.

Connecting people is strongly in the DNA of both companies and that has resulted in a collaboration that will ensure that we use technology in an even better way to ensure reliable and relevant information exchanges. Both parties are looking forward to a long-term collaboration to make a further contribution to healthcare”


Marketing & Product Director