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Because we care about personal data

We strongly believe that organisations that process personal data both responsibly and relevantly are the winners of the future. Because these organisations build strong and honest relationships by putting people and their data at the heart of the organisation.

By asking individual people their needs and their consent (opt-in), you let them decide what to do with the data.

With these types of organisations people are more willing to share their data. These individuals will perceive trust by keeping control over their own personal data. So you know what they want and can give them what they want.


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Why OptInsight?

  • No more hurdles for use and utilisation of personal data, and 100% GDPR proof
  • Specific pharma industry solution
  • Full control over personal data & preferences on individual level
  • Platform independent and omni-channel applicable
  • NEW: “Opt-in as a service” where we take care of opt-in calls, registration and optional synchronisation with your internal systems f.e. crm

Companies that already use OptInsight