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Last Updated on February 3, 2023

Value based consent vs customer based consent

What kind of consent you are collecting is often driven by the consent management tool you are using. Many tools register value based consent. This is consent, which is given for an email address. Does an HCP change his/her email address, then the consent will get lost. Have you collected info@mailaddresses? One opt-out given mean you lose all HCPs using that email address. For the above reasons, you should consider a platform, which registers customer based consent. This means, that consent is linked to an HCP and whenever an email address changes, the consent will be preserved.

The OptInsight solution guarantees the most up-to-date insights into whether you may use this personal data and for what purposes e.g. promotional communication, medical communication, profiling.

The collection of opt-ins can be done in many ways. You can use your people in the field, webinars, post grade education, LinkedIn, use a call agency, send a paper mail and so on.

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